5 Hour Basic Digital Photography Class

One on One Workshop $250

Group Workshop (5 or more people) $175/each


Do you have a love of photography, but no clue where to start to learn how to start using your complex DSLR camera? Are you getting blown out, dark or blurry photos in Auto mode? Then what you need is this 5 hour Basic Digital Photography Class to help become more familiar with your camera and conquer it instead of being afraid of it. 


In this class we cover what a DSLR camera is all the way to understanding the exposure triangle in manual mode. If you are interested in leaning more, please look at the class syllabus below and click the link at the bottom of the page to contact me. Happy Learning!!

Class Syllabus


  • 20 minutes: Meet and greet and survey      

Photographer’s Toolkit 

  • 10 minutes: Photographer’s Toolkit – The DSLR Camera. 

  • 20 minutes: Photographer’s Toolkit – Lenses 

  • 10 minutes: Photographer’s Toolkit – External Flash 

  • 10 minutes: Q&A 

  • 10 minutes: break 

Understanding Exposure  

  • 20 minutes: Understanding Exposure – ISO 

  • 20 minutes: Understanding Exposure – Shutter Speed 

  • 20 minutes: Understanding Exposure – Aperture 

  • 10 minutes: break 

  • 25 minutes: Understanding the Exposure Triangle 

  • 20 minutes: Hands on with Iso, Aperture and Shutter Speed (The exposure triangle)  

  • 10 minutes: Q&A 

  • 10 minutes: break  

Choosing Camera Settings  

  • 10 minutes: Choosing Camera Settings: RAW vs JPG 

  • 10 minutes: Choosing Camera Settings: Manual, P mode, AV mode, TV mode and Auto 

  • 15 minutes: Choosing Camera Settings: White Balance 

  • 15 minutes: Choosing Camera Settings:  Exposure Metering & Metering Modes 

  • 15 minutes: Composition:  AF Points & Rule of Thirds 

Q&A and Hands on Practice  

  • 20 minutes: Q&A 

  • 30 minutes: Hands on Practice